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    時間:2017-07-10 來源:未知 作者:蔣老師 本文字數:5593字





      ABSTRACT:The shield machine in the course of shield tunneling will generally rise toground settlement on the top of the tunnel, and there will be a tunnelsettlement in tunnel construction and operation, a direct impact on thesurrounding buildings and underground facilities in the normal use. It is a veryimportant issue of practical engineering significance that how to reduce theconstruction disturbance to soil level, analysis of ground settlement, andinvestigate the laws of ground settlement in the tunnel construction.

      On the base of a large number of relevant papers and literature, the paperstudied more in-depth on the ground settlement caused by shield tunneling.

      Firstly, the paper summarized the theory of our predecessors, analysis ofground settlement resulting mechanism, the factors and the general law ofground settlement. Secondly, in the background of the shield tunneling fromGaozeng Station to New Airport Station in Guangzhou Metro,the paperanalysied the shield tunnel boring and the ground settlement by tunneling withfinite element software MIDAS/GTS,then compared with numericalsimulation results and monitoring data. Thirdly, still with finite elementsoftware MIDAS/GTS, this paper focused on studying on how the factorsincluding upper casing, tail shield grouting, tunneling pressure and two-lanetunnel's construction program affect ground settlement. Finally, this paper putforward reasonable practical measures on how to control ground settlement.

      There are some conclusions from the study in this paper:
     。1)Results from finite element software MIDAS/GTS and projectmonitoring data are basically consistent, it verified the reliability of numericalsimulation results by MIDAS/GTS.
     。2) Thicker top casing makes litter ground settlement with the formationdepth increases, the horizontal strata maximum settlement amount is evengreater.
     。3) When simulating the tail shield grouting with equivalent circle zone,it found that the material parameters of equivalent circle zone affect little onground settlement, while the material thickness of equivalent circle zone affecton ground settlement obviously.
     。4) The Driving pressure impacted on the vertical ground settlementgreatly, it should be controlled when constructing.
     。5) In double line tunnel constructing, there is little difference aboutground settlement wheter the two line constructed at the same time and thesame direction or one first then another.while and the excavation and thecompletion of a tunnel then turn around the other one. But, when using thelatter methods, because of the subsidence superimposition, the groundsettlement of the two centers of two lines is not equal, the settlement tanks areunsymmetrical.

      Key words: tunneling shield numerical analysis ground settlement controlmeasures.



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